Project Solution

Polk County Public Schools, Bartow, Florida needed a way to meet Florida Building Codes and install the batt insulation above their drop-in acoustical ceiling tiles so it would be easier to repair and replace ceiling tiles, work on lighting and electrical issues, etc., without disturbing the thermal barrier. So they contacted their local acoustical ceiling and insulation contractor – Mark DiOrazio at Acoustical Services, Lakeland, FL, and their various design professionals to research their options. In addition, they knew that the batt insulation installed above their ceiling tile had to have a Class A Facing to meet code requirements.

Project Solution: As witnessed on Acoustical Services’ project – a New Elementary School “J”, Lakeland, FL (completed in May 2007), they now specify a metal support grid to be installed about 1-1/2’ above the acoustical ceiling tile grid. On top of this metal support grid they laid FI-FOIL FSK Shield™ – a Class A Insulation Facing (54” x 222’ foil/scrim/kraft sheet) with the foil facing down, the unfaced batt insulation on top of it and then they taped all the seams with foil tape. This application created a Class A Facing and kept the batt insulation off of the drop-in ceiling tiles. In addition, they also found that this combination of materials was much less expensive than purchasing just FSK-faced batt insulation. “Besides the advantages listed above, FI-FOIL 54” FSK Shield™ is very easy to work with. The final product, in my opinion, could be a finished ceiling in a special design application.” – Mark A. DiOrazio, Acoustical Services

Project Scope

Location Bartow, FL
Date Completed May 2007
Product FSK Shield™
Market Schools

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