Project Solution

GFP Insulation™ was selected to upgrade the 5th floor of the NYPA LEED Gold Rated Building in White Plains New York. 13 Floors will be renovated to upgrade the sustainability or Green features in the building. Argon gas was used to fill the GFP (Gas Filled Panel) Insulation panels. Each 1.5” panel has an R-value of R-6.4. Reflective Insulation System included 4 to 6 GFP Panels per section, RBI Shield™ Facing and insulation anchors were added to the existing 2” of foil-faced fiberglass bringing the system R-value to R-24.2.

Project Scope

Location White Plains, NY
Contractor Scully Construction
Date Completed September 2009
Product GFP Insulation™
Market High Rise
Application GFP (Gas Filled Panel) Insulation system installed on exterior walls behind steam ra-diators and in plenum section above drop-ceiling.

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