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Every year, the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) The New American Home (TNAH) and The New American Remodel (TNAR) showcase the best in energy-efficient construction innovation and building practices, proving green homes can meld substance with style.

For the fourth consecutive year, Fi-Foil Company —the nation’s leader in advanced reflective insulation products and systems — partnered with other industry trailblazers to bring TNAH and TNAR 2020 to life.

The homes, located in the Las Vegas, NV area, both use Fi-Foil Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation to contribute to the thermal shell as part of cost-effective solutions that deliver superior insulating qualities and maximize energy efficiency.

Fi-Foil Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation was chosen because it is a proven and effective hybrid system with spray foam providing results that contribute to the synergistic systems-engineering approach promoted by NAHB and renowned in TNAH and TNAR construction.

The New American Home 2020 – Fi-Foil Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation

This year, Two Trails sustainable building consultant and Home Innovation Research Lab Master Verifier Drew Smith worked closely with Dan Coletti and the team at Sun West Custom Homes to design the building envelope and components needed to maximize energy efficiency with a systems-engineering approach.

Fi-Foil Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation was specified as a vital component in the attic and wall insulation systems in TNAH. In the unvented and air-sealed attic, Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation was used in combination with Demilec Sealection 500 for a total insulation value of R-48. In the walls, the combination of products created an R-23 total insulation value.

Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation is designed with an outer layer of polyethylene-coated kraft paper, an inner layer of premium-grade aluminum foil and additional layer of fiberglass-scrim reinforced foil. Fi-Foil’s exclusive Expander Technology separates the paper from the foil for low-emissive surfaces that reduce radiant heat transfer, in addition to providing a thermal performance gain for these systems.

  • Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation benefits include:
  • More energy efficient walls or ceilings for the same cost
  • Gaining up to R22 with 1½-inch enclosed cavity air space
  • Saving time and waste with no shaving
  • Reducing scrap on the jobsite and in the landfill
  • Increasing flexibility for last-minute wiring or plumbing changes

As a new construction home, TNAH 2020 was designed to exceed the National Green Building Standard “Emerald” level certification, which calls for a 60% energy savings over average new construction. At completion, TNAH provides 116% more efficiency than average new builds, which equates to a savings of about $3,995 annually. The 7,683-square-foot dwelling is projected to be awarded EPA ENERGY STAR, DOE Zero Energy Ready and EPA Indoor airPLUS certifications.

The home, located in a luxury custom home community in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, includes four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, two showroom two-car garages, multiple outdoor water elements, a large vanishing pool and a heated outdoor entertainment area, among other features. And, with the systems-engineering approach, this home’s energy efficiency systems are designed to be used in a hot climate at any price point to achieve similar comfort and savings for homeowners.

The New American Remodel 2020

Two Trails also worked closely with architect Phil Kean and custom home builder Josh Anderson of Element Building Company to retrofit wall & ceiling systems that aim for the same DOE Net Zero Energy Ready status.

Fi-Foil Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation is also specified and is integral to TNAR’s attic and exterior-wall thermal shell. In the unvented and air-sealed attic, Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation was used as part of a system with open cell polyurethane spray foam to achieve a total insulation value of R38. In the exterior wall systems, Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation was used together with Kingspan GreenGuard and open cell polyurethane spray foam to achieve a total of R33.

The New American Renovation – HY-Fi®

The TNAR home, built in 1977, was a three-bedroom, two-bath home that operated on a 1,200-gallon septic system. In the past, TNAR homes have retained original walls for the makeover. However, when construction crews discovered termites in the framed walls, the home was demolished to the concrete slab. The new 7,523-square-foot home in Las Vegas features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, five radiant fireplaces, a rooftop terrace and a showroom three-car garage, among other amenities. The 2020 New American Remodel is designed and built to demonstrate energy efficiency and innovation for green building, aging in place and sustainability. The home is projected to achieve National Green Building Standard “Emerald” level certification as well as EPA ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS certifications.

Both homes will be available for tours during the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builder’s Show (IBS) from January 21 to 23 in Las Vegas and via 3D virtual tours.

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Date Completed January 2020
Product HY-Fi®

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