Project Solution

When we got a call from Zylstra Harley Davidson in Dallas Center, Iowa, requesting more information about HY-Fi®, our revolutionary hybrid insulation system, we knew this would be the perfect application. The issue Zylstra Harley Davidson was having was the cost to insulate a large commercial showroom to R-21 specifications. Enter HY-Fi. With only 2″ of closed cell foam blown in the wall cavities, they quickly installed a layer of R-8 HY-Fi® directly onto the studs that allowed them to reach R-21 at a lower cost than what SPF alone would have cost. In addition to reducing heat flow by radiation, HY-Fi’s multiple layers also reduced convective heat transfer. Combining the superior radiation protection of HY-Fi® with traditional insulation in a hybrid system created superior resistance to heat transfer that allowed Zystra to efficiently control the temperature within their showroom. Project Solution: The R-21 wall insulation system specified was a hybrid application consisting of 2” of closed cell spray foam and HY-Fi®, a multi-layer reflective insulation. Combining the technologies provided a more cost effective air sealing and thermal insulation system than spray foam alone.

Project Scope

Location Ames, IA
Contractor Walker Spray Foam
Building Size 6,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed April 2014
Product HY-Fi®
Market Light Commercial
Application Walls
Building Type Wood Framed

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