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Project Solution

Product Application: The R-21 wall insulation system specied was a hybrid application consisting of 2” of closed cell spray foam and HY-Fi, a multi-layer reective insulation. Combining the technologies provided a more cost eective air sealing and thermal insulation system than spray foam alone. In addition to providing a high r-value and air seal, the reective insulation adds a radiant barrier making the wall perform well at stopping conduction, convection, and radiant heat flows. “The north central Texas area has a wide temperature range from very hot summers to several cold winter days including sleet and snow. My builder wanted the most advanced insulation system available without encapsulating the entire house. The Hy-Fi provide high performance in the walls with aordable cost and along with R-50 insulation in the attic and argon gas filled windows completed a complete energy saving package. My builder was so pleased with the rst home that he used the Hy-Fi in his second house and plans to incorporate it in all his homes.” - Dan Stogner

Project Scope

Location Dallas, TX
Contractor CLS Insulation, IBP 2915 East Randall Mills Road, Arlington, TX 76011
Building Size 4,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed August 2014
Product HY-Fi®
Market Single Family
Building Type Wood Framed

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