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Project Solution

Polk County School Board has included Fi-Foil’s FSK Shield™ as part of their building standard for several years now, and it continues to provide them with a lower cost option to FSK-faced Batt Insulation. Providing a durable support system for the batt insulation while meeting the Class A fire rating needed. In addition, the downward reflective air space created by FSK Shield™ helps them achieve an additional R-4.6 to increase their school building’s energy efficiency, and reduce their energy costs for cooling the buildings. The insulation contractor installs the FSK Shield™ roll material (54” wide) foil side down, in sections above the metal framing provided as part of the ceiling structure to support the insulation materials about a 1’-1/2” above the drop-in ceiling grid. Then the unfaced Batt insulation is laid over the top of the kraft side of FSK Shield and all seams are taped with foil tape. A roll of FSK Shield will cover a 1,000 Sq Ft area. “FSK Shield™ Insulation Facing (combined with unfaced batt insulation) is quicker, easier, and costs less than any alternative method for insulating above drop-in ceilings.” -Steve Everett, Combee Insulation

Project Scope

Location Haines City, FL
Contractor Combee Insulation Co., Inc., Lakeland, FL
Building Size 35,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed July 2009
Product FSK Shield™
Market Schools
Application FSK Shield™ installed as Insulation Facing for unfaced batt throughout the school building.

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