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SkyFlex is a tough, flexible air barrier for use in residential and commercial building applications. The product consists of two layers of aluminum deposited on a layer of woven polyethylene. When exposed to air films or enclosed air spaces in building cavities, SkyFlex’s low-emittance exterior layers reduce radiant heat transfer.

Fast Facts about SkyFlex Air Barriers

  • Available for residential and commercial applications

  • Flexible for fast and easy installation

  • Adds R-Value to building envelope

  • Economy and high-performance options

  • Available in 500 square foot rolls in 48" or 51" widths

An Effective Air and Vapor Barrier

SkyFlex is designed to be used as a primary air enclosure boundary between conditioned and unconditioned air in the building envelope. Air barrier materials are measured by air permeance. An air barrier permeance equal to or less than 0.02L(sxm2)@75 Pa, as tested in accordance with ASTM 2178, qualifies as an air barrier material. SkyFlex’s air permeance levels fall below 0.02L(sxm2)@75 Pa, making it a very effective air barrier material.

As a Class I vapor retarder, this product is also effective for reducing vapor permeability. SkyFlex has a vapor permeability of 0.01 perms making it an effective vapor retarder.

Improving Thermal Resistance

When installed in walls, ceiling or floor joists, SkyFlex’s low-emittance exterior layers can boost the R-Value, or thermal resistance, of the wall system. When used for one side exposed to the attic, SkyFlex adds 1.7 R-Value. When 0.75 inches is installed in an enclosed air space, the product adds 2.9 R-Value; for 1.50 inches of Sky Flex, the added R-Value is 2.6. R-Values can be calculated using the ASHRAE book of fundamentals.

For specific building system thermal values, contact Fi-Foil today!

Available for a Range of Building Types

SkyFlex is suitable for a wide variety of both residential and commercial applications.

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  • SkyFlex Air Barrier The Fi-Foil Company
  • skyflex air barrier the fi-foil company
  • skyflex air barrier the fi-foil company
  • SkyFlex Air Barrier The Fi-Foil Company
  • skyflex air barrier the fi-foil company
  • skyflex air barrier the fi-foil company
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