AUBURNDALE, FL – Award-winning architect Phil Kean has chosen to feature two Fi-Foil reflective insulation products in the 2017 NAHB The New American Home and The New American Remodeled Home. The homes will be presented at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Jan 10-12, showcasing the most innovative, energy-efficient products available on the market.

HY-Fi®, a hybrid insulation system that works together with spray foam, was selected for The New American Remodeled Home, while M-Shield®, a paperless insulation for masonry walls, was chosen for The New American Home. These Fi-Foil products are ASTM tested to standards, backed by third-party verified code compliance and crafted from sustainable materials. Similar to low-e windows, Fi-Foil products have low emittance surfaces proven to reduce radiant heat transfer for better performance.

When paired with spray foam, fiberglass, or other mass insulation, HY-Fi® increases thermal resistance and energy efficiency while using less material. Fi-Foil’s technology utilizes cavity air space to improve performance, which varies depending on the amount of enclosed space and the amount and type of spray foam. In this year’s home, HY-Fi®, used with Icynene spray foam, achieves R-22 to provide one of the highest-performing hybrid systems on the market.

M-Shield® is a reflective insulation resistant to mold and mildew growth, an ideal green building product to ensure air quality and structural integrity, while providing effective thermal resistance.

The advanced technologies in Fi-Foil insulation were selected in order to maximize thermal performance and achieve a HERS® Index of zero or below. “I really appreciate being able to use HY-Fi to gain R-value and what it means for builders,” says Drew Smith, sustainable building consultant and COO at Two Trails, Inc., “this product allows builders to get into the market using spray foam where they would never have been able to before. It eliminates the need to shave excess foam, which saves material and labor and allows room for wires and any last-minute changes needed once the spray foam is in. Great product. Makes the walls look nice and clean.”

Both HY-Fi® and M-Shield® offer superior energy efficiency, allowing architects, builders, and contractors to meet or exceed strict energy codes while saving material costs and labor. These revolutionary products’ ability to perform above industry standards, improve margins and often add square footage demonstrates their growing appeal and performance capabilities.

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