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Acoustic & Visual Security

Elevate Sound and Sight Barriers for Uncompromised Safety.

SCIF insulation physical security fi foil icon

Electronic Security

Shielding Your Sensitive Data from Electronic Eavesdropping.

SCIF insulation physical security fi foil icon

Physical Security

Robust Materials for Fortified Protection.

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Military Facility

Designed to Comply with the Highest Security Protocols.

High-Performance RF Shielding Meets Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Fi-Foil’s SCIF Barrier is designed to be used in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). Fi -Foil SCIF Barrier is comprised of a tear resistant layer of woven polyethylene material bonded to – and sandwiched between - two highly reflective aluminum surfaces. The low emittance or reflective surfaces reduce radiant heat transfer. In addition to increasing sound attenuation and being a highly effective radiant barrier or reflective insulation, the product is also a vapor retarder.

The RF shielding material has two (2) outer layers of 99% Pure Aluminum Foil with an inner layer of Fiberglass reinforcing and Kraft paper, made in the USA.

RF protection increases sound attenuation and meets or exceeds minimum requirements for shielding effectiveness at 378 frequencies as tested by an accredited NSA-approved TEMPEST facility. RF Shield provides high-performance frequency shielding with an average RF Attenuation of 73 dB.

  • Protects highly sensitive information from unauthorized access

  • Block electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference

  • Increase sound attenuation

  • Third-Party Verified for Shielding Effectiveness, IEEE 299

  • Tested at NSA Approved TEMPEST Facility

  • Average RF Attenuation of 73 dB

  • High Performance tested at 378 Frequencies

  • Class A Flammability Rating

  • Low-e, Reflective Surfaces Provide Thermal Performance when Exposed to Air Space

  • Multi-Layered Security Shielding

  • Solid or Perforated Versions

  • Two (2) Outer Layers of 99% Pure Aluminum Foil

  • Inner Layer of Fiberglass Reinforcing & Kraft Paper

  • Third-Party Verified for Shielding Effectiveness, IEEE 299

  • Made in the USA

Width of Roll 51"
Lineal Footage 118'
Coverage (sqft) 500
Weight (lbs) 14

Test Method Description Results
ASTM F3057 RF Attenuation Average Solid - 73 dB
Perforated - 73 dB
ASTM E408 Thermal Emissivity Solid - 0.03
Perforated - 0.03
ASTM E96 Water Vapor Permeance Solid - < 1.0
Perforated > 10
ASTM C665 Mold Resistence Solid - No Growth
Perforated - No Growth
ASTM E84 Flammability Rating CLASS A
ASTM E84 Flame Spread Solid - 15
Perforated - 15
ASTM E84 Smoke Developed Solid - 5
Perforated - 5
ASTM D774 Bursting Strength Solid - 40 psi
Perforated - 35 psi
ASTM C1136 Puncture Resistance Solid - 50 beach units
Perforated - 45 beach units
ASTM C1136 Tensile Strength Solid - 50 lbs/in width MD, 25 lbs/in width XD
Perforated - 45 lbs/in width MD, 25 lbs/in width XD
Reinforcing Tri-Directional Fiberglass Solid - 2/in MD, 3/in XD
Perforated - 2/in MD, 3/in XD
Caliper/Thickness Micrometer Solid - 0.009 in
Perforated - 0.009 in
Accelerated Aging 30 Days @ 95% RH, 120°F (49°C) Solid - No Corrosion, No Delamination
Perforated - No Corrosion, No Delamination

Meet and Exceed Stringent Military Standards for Secure Environments

  • Meets ASTM F3057-16 Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness for Glazings

  • Meets ASTM D4935-99 Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness for Planar Materials

  • Meets or exceeds NSA minimum requirements with RF Attenuation

  • Meets ASTM E84 Flammability with Flame Spread 15, Smoke Developed 5



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