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Product Description:

An advanced insulation used on furred-out masonry walls, M-Shield™ is designed to resist mold growth by combining a synthetic polymer facing on premium grade aluminum foil. The synthetic polymers contain no cellulose and therefore reduce the risk of exposure to create safer, better air quality. When tested to ASTM standards, M-Shield™ exhibited zero growth of mold or mildew. Remarkably easy to install, Fi-Foil reflective insulation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world—designed to get you more R-value for less, saving labor and material. With third-party verified code compliance plus an industry leading 10-year transferrable warranty, in more humid climates, M-Shield™ is a smart choice to insulate all your masonry buildings. How It Works M-Shield™ has two layers. The inside layer is aluminum foil. The outer layer is a synthetic polymer material and the product is designed with small perforations to allow vapor transmission for applications not requiring a vapor retarder. Fi-Foil’s technology uses expanders that separate the paper from the foil to create reflective air spaces. When installed on furring strips, 16” or 24” on-center, air is trapped inside the cavity and the reflective components improve performance of the air space. Because the reflective layers also reduce sizes of the air spaces in the cavity, reflective insulation also reduces heat transfer by convection. The result is a more comfortable building and better energy efficiency.

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