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Air Barriers - SkyFlex Flexible Sheet Air Barrier
Air Barriers - SkyFlex Flexible Sheet Air Barrier

Air barrier products restrict the transfer of heat and water vapor between conditioned and unconditioned air spaces, leading to exceptional performance and a more comfortable building envelope. Air barriers are designed to be used alongside other mass insulation products.

In areas that are subject to high humidity, vapor permeable air barrier products permit a controlled amount of water vapor to transfer through the barrier’s patented CLAF® fabric material allowing walls to dry if moisture infiltrates the building envelope.

Fi-Foil’s moisture-transmitting air vapor barriers are constructed of tough, puncture-resistant material that won’t tear. They are especially useful in attic knee walls, in bathrooms and other areas prone to high humidity, such as stairwells and fireplace shafts that abut unconditioned spaces. Air barrier insulation is also capable of adding a thermal insulation when installed facing an enclosed cavity air space in the building envelope.

Fi-Foil’s SkyFlex™ consists of superior strength inner woven layers with a metalized film and Skyflex VT™ made with a patented CLAF® fabric material with a metalized film. Both flexible sheet air barrier products reduce radiant heat transfer and can be used in conjunction with other types of mass insulation, but SkyFlex VT™ also includes vapor transmission properties that make it useful in climates where moisture is an issue.

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