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Class A Facing - FSK Shield™ Class A Insulation-Facing/Vapor Retarder
Class A Facing - FSK Shield™ Class A Insulation-Facing/Vapor Retarder

Specialty barriers are designed to be an economical way to shield buildings against radiant heat and vapor transfer while also providing Class A flame-retardant protection.

FSK Shield™ Class A Low-e surface provides an effective way to reduce radiant heat gain for wall and ceiling systems in residential and commercial buildings while adding thermal performance to these systems for better energy efficiency and lower energy costs. 

FSK Shield™ is a cost-effective radiant insulation solution and vapor barrier for attics, roofs and walls that also achieves a level of fire resistance that meets most building codes.

FSK Shield™ consists of a single-sided 0.0003” aluminum foil sheet bonded to 30-lb. kraft paper with a fire-retardant adhesive and reinforced with a tri-directional fiberglass scrim. Though it can be used alone, FSK Shield™ is commonly an alternative to foil-faced batts that also improves thermal resistance for wall and ceiling assemblies.

Product Shot of FSK Shield™
FSK Shield™
Your Go-To Class A Insulation Facing and Vapor Retarder


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