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RetroShield® Helps SC Harley Dealer Turn Down The Heat

Project Solution: FI-FOIL® Insulation Proves Victorious Against South Carolina Heat and Humidity Low Country Harley-Davidson was hot. As the largest Harley sales and service center in South Carolina, Low Country is a popular and well-respected business. But the issue in this case was more literal – the building [...]

July 1, 2024|

Venturini Motorsports Chooses RetroShield® for Sleek Ceiling Refit

Project Solution | RetroShield® Keeps Things Cool Against Carolina Heat and Humidity Bill Venturini is a legend in the racing world. A former NASCAR champion and two-time Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) Racing Series champion, he holds the all-time qualifying records at Daytona International Speedway and [...]

July 1, 2024|

Insight Auctioneers; Sebring, FL

FI-FOIL® Helps Insight Auctioneers Against Florida Heat & Humidity Insight Auctioneers built a new office/warehouse, and they wanted a metal building insulation that would not absorb moisture while keeping their building cooler in the hot Florida summer.

July 1, 2024|

Highland County State Fairgrounds; Sebring, FL

Project Solution | RetroShield® | For Hot and Humid Climates The 20-year fairgrounds’ arena was showing it’s age, with vinyl-faced insulation seams separating and sections falling down and needing a face-lift. Project Solution: West Coast Insulation of Sebring, FL, had installed FI-FOIL® insulation system RetroShield® on a [...]

July 1, 2024|

Hook Tire (Goodyear); Huntersville, NC

Project Solution | RetroShield® System for Improved Performance The original metal building insulation was cracked, split open and yellow with age. Project Solution: Service Partners recommended FI-FOIL RetroShield® System to improve the appearance & insulation performance of the building. Service Partners contacted another Masco Company, Gale [...]

August 20, 2018|

Boys & Girls Club of Fauquier, VA

Project Solution | RetroShield® for Hot & Humid Climates Their gym's existing ceiling and wall insulation was separating at the seams, breaking down and needing repair. Project Solution: Cary Quality Insulation & Building Products recommended FI-FOIL® RetroShield® System which has also been used successfully in renovating [...]

August 20, 2018|

ASTRO PAK® Chesapeake, VA

Project Solution Wanted to create a cleaner, more sanitary warehouse environment. Project Solution: Tidewater Insulation installed FI-FOIL® RetroShield® System which has also been used successfully in renovating other warehouses. RetroShield® System combines RBI Shield™ reflective bubble insulation with a patented Clip & Pin System to attach [...]

August 20, 2018|

Exchange Park Building – RetroShield® Beautification

Project Solution The Exchange Park Building at the fairgrounds in Ladson, S.C., has a long history of hosting corporate events, festivals and shows, the fees from which go toward non-profits and charities. In 2016, the Coastal Carolina Fair raised more than $800,000 for charities and students. [...]

August 16, 2018|
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